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Compilation/Split EP between By Any Means Necessary and Kangarot. Tracks recorded and compiled summer-fall 2012. all hardware. keep it synth.

By Any Means Necessary is an amazing artist and great friend. I want to thank him for doing an ep with me, it's an honor. I've always had a great appreciation and love for industrial/ebm/dark electro, but I never attempted creating music in the genre itself until I saw/heard what Sam Witherspoon does, it is truly inspiring. I'm seriously indebted to him for doing this release with me, and I'm still upset that he put my name first on the cover. Seriously, despite his incredible talent, he remains one of the most modest people I've ever met. I only wish that my tracks on this ep could hold their weight against his. Listen to that first track especially, Damn BAMN!

Don't forget, when you download this you'll get two extra tracks, one from each artists and a booklet containing artwork from the both of us as well.


released September 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Kangarot Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Kangarot - Forward Motion
David Icke Samples Used

"Still In Forward Motion" (X2)
Track Name: Kangarot - Human Body
"A body was tagged in its formative period,
The receptacle of a Next Level representative,
A transition through the gate into The Kingdom,
Requires absolutely everything of you,

Leaving Behind, your selfish desires
your human body, your human mind
Your body, Your mind, Your human Behavior (X4)

Our only purpose to offer discipline,
The grafting required in this transition (X2)